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One of the most effective treatments for missing teeth is to have a dental implant. When one of your teeth is removed because of damage or decay, its visible part, the crown, and the root, are lost. So the dental implant is placed in the jawbone and it fuses with the natural bone, becoming a vigorous and strong foundation for substitute teeth. There are two different ways of using dental implants: One is to replace a single tooth. The second is for and implant-supported bridge or denture, which contains multiple teeth.

In this way, dental implants will help you to have the most natural and healthy teeth, giving you the possibility to increase your self-confidence, eating, smiling, laughing, talking and enjoying every day activity without worrying about your teeth.

How does a dental implant procedure work?

To make it work, you and your dentist at Smile Builders must work together as a team. Your dentist will ask you on time to set the certain place, time and procedure to have your implant placed. According to your very specific conditions and the kind of implant that you´d wish to have, Smile Builders will design the perfect treatment planned to meet your needs.

You can have real benefits from dental implants!

Here are some reasons of why dental implants are the first choice of many of our patients, comparing to other options provided to replace or restore missing or damaged teeth.

• Dental implants are the next best thing to healthy and beautiful teeth.
They offer a natural look and fit, functioning like a natural tooth. Using different options could take the bone to deterioration, and might not be the best option to normally eating, smiling or speaking, important activities in your daily life.

• A+ in pronunciation!
Removable dentures could be not the best option to a regular pronunciation, even with common words. No more struggle, a dental implant is like a natural tooth!

• Feel free and happy with your new smile!
You don´t have to worry anymore about your teeth. Get out your home to let your smile shine as never before. Forget about embarrassment, you`ll have back to you your natural smile. Forget about falling out dentures, dental implants are the teeth that let you be the leader of your life.

• The teeth that will remain in their own place.
Your teeth will stay where they belong to: in your mouth. Feel free to use any of your daily care instruments: brush them and floss them just they way you have done it before, they will stay in your mouth!

• Enjoy your cravings!
Eat and drink what you love! Dental implants will offer you a natural bite feeling comfortable all the time.

• Your healthy teeth stay healthy
When you select tooth-supported bridge as your option to renew your smile, it will necessarily have to damage your healthy teeth surrounding the missing one. A dental implant will get rid of any additional damage because it goes right in the jawbone, in the exact place where your old and missing tooth was attached. They will fit perfectly in the empty space preventing teeth shifting.

• A permanent solution.
Dental bridges supported by teeth may last from 5 to 7 years. Having an excellent care of them, you could have them even more than 10 years but then it will need to be replaced. When you choose a dental implant, it will need time-to-time adjustments and a correct care, but will be with you for a lifetime.

• Natural face shape, natural smile.
When you have missing teeth your face could sunken and look sad. Your face and smile will look natural again!
• Give stronger protection to the jawbone.

• Having an empty space after losing one or some of your teeth is not the only health problem you could have. The jawbone can suffer from deterioration or loss, too, when it is not being used to support a tooth. A dental implant will stimulate the bone in a natural way causing bone growth and preventing future bone loss.

• Teeth that remain where they belong.

• Movable dentures could slip while you are eating, talking, smiling, laughing, kissing, yawning or coughing, causing you to put them back where they should remain all the time. Dental implants are always fixed and will naturally fuse with the jawbone, avoiding any movement or shifting.

• Zero cavities!

• Cavities won´t be present anymore if you have implant-restored crowns or replacement tooth. But still, you need to have regular visits to your dentist and have a cleaning routine as usual to keep your gums and mouth healthy.

• A very predictable method.
Dental implants are often considered the most predictable and reliable treatment to repair or replace missing teeth. They offer long-term outcomes with successful results.

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