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At Smile Builders our All-On-4 dental implant system allows us to give our patients a fixed full-arch prostheses on just 4 implants on the very day of the surgery. Our system is very effective in producing the desired results for our patients, providing them immediately with improved function, aesthetics, speech and self-esteem improvement.

What Is All-On-4

All-On-4 is a system where a whole or partial denture is supported using just four dental implants. These four implants are carefully and strategically placed to give the best support for the denture possible. In rare cases it can be necessary to use more than four implants, but typically four is more than enough.

On the lower jaw it can be possible to support an arch of teeth on just two implants, but even there four is still the accepted standard.

How Is All-On-4 Performed?

The All-On-4 process starts with very careful planning. It’s important to make sure the implants are placed in just the right position. This is in order to avoid delicate structures in the jaw, such as nerves, while also providing the best support for the denture.

This planning begins with detailed 3D scans of the mouth. These scans are then fed into special computer mapping programs which will guide and suggest the best placement of the implants. The dentist can review the placement suggestions and make adjustments as they see fit before finalizing the positions.

Once the implant sites are locked in place, surgery is undertaken to place the implants into the jaw. This is performed under general anaesthetic.

Normally time is needed to allow the implants to heal in place and fuse to the jaw bone before the denture can be placed. The All-On-4 system used here at Smile builders, however, lets us place the denture the same day the implants are inserted.

What Are the Benefits?

All-On-4 gives patients a new mouth of teeth using a single restoration process. By using the implants to anchor the denture, patients receive all of the benefits of dentures but without any of the downsides. The denture is secure, well fitting, and will never fall out unexpectedly.

Restore your mouth, and your confidence, with All-On-4. Contact our friendly team at Smile Builders today to find out more.

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